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Emergency HVAC Service in St. Louis, MO

We know why a malfunctioning HVAC system can be an emergency. West-Central Missouri has some of the country’s most intense cold and hot weather. When your heating and cooling system is compromised, your health can also be compromised.

Don’t take chances. For emergency repair service in St. Louis, call 314-329-1943.


Never hesitate when your HVAC system needs emergency service. Our affordable financing options can guarantee your safety and comfort today.

These are signs you need emergency HVAC repair service:

  • CO detector alarm goes off: You and your pets should leave the house and call for emergency service.
  • Frequent circuit breaker tripping: Never ignore frequent tripping. A loose connector, wiring short, or capacitor issue could be the cause.
  • Frozen AC coils: They “freeze up” for various reasons, but it’s usually a lack of airflow.
  • HVAC won’t start: If it clicks but won’t start, it may be a thermostat issue.
  • Pilot light color: Older gas HVAC systems may have a visible pilot light. If the flame is not blue, you need emergency HVAC service.
  • Refrigerant leak: AC refrigerant has a distinct odor; if you smell it from your vents or near the unit, you may have a refrigerant leak. You might hear a hissing noise from the air pressure as it leaves the unit.
  • Odors: Smoke, natural gas, or burning wiring smells are emergencies. A smell of mildew or a dead-animal odor is not a critical emergency, but your air quality may be extremely unhealthy, so don’t delay a service request.
  • Strange noises: Bangs, rattles, screeching, and humming are all signs of an issue. Shut down the system and call us.

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You can avoid emergency AC repair in St. Louis with spring AC maintenance. Our air conditioning professionals will prepare your system for Missouri’s sweltering summer days. When you need air conditioning repair, we examine three factors to determine if you need repair or AC replacement:

  • Age: If your system’s more than 10 years old, it’s time to budget for a new unit.
  • Energy efficiency: With a new system, you can save on monthly cooling bills.
  • Repairs: If you’ve already had several repairs, it may be time to cut your losses and invest in a new AC system.

Classic Aire Care also specializes in fast, efficient commercial AC service with minimal disruption to your business.

You deserve cool, clean air. To learn about affordable St. Louis air conditioning service, call 314-329-1943.


We know how important reliable heating is for your home comfort. Our emergency heating repair services include boilers, furnaces, and heat pumps.

Since 1926, Classic Aire Care has been trusted by homeowners and area businesses for residential and commercial heating solutions.

Call 314-329-1943 for emergency heating repair you can trust in your St. Louis home.


You risk voiding manufacturer warranties. You risk injury, and if property damage occurs because of your DIY repair, your insurance can deny coverage. You don’t have the right tools, which will take twice as long. We’ve been serving families like yours since 1926. Let us help.

It is if you have newborns, elderly, or health-challenged loved ones. But some of our soaring summer temps can pose health hazards to any of us.

It’s only an emergency in a blizzard, but don’t wait for HVAC help. It can be:

  • Air filter
  • Condensate line
  • Flame detector
  • Gas supply
  • Pilot light

Most are easily and quickly repaired.

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I can't recommend Classic Aire Care highly enough!!! They are excellent. Our technician (Christian) was the absolute best! He explained everything, and corrected all of our HVAC issues! He even cleaned the outside of my furnace!!! Trust, honesty, and professionalism! Qualities of an employee and in…

Mike J

Was able to fix our older a/c unit in one visit. Very good service. Technician was very professional. This company also installed a new furnace a few years ago for us, great service came and installed a new furnace in the middle of winter when it…

Linda H

I was very pleased with Shaun E.’s maintenance service of my AC. Shaun was very personable and diligent in cleaning my unit inside and out. While he was working, Shaun noticed that the shut off water valve for the outside hose hook up he was using…

Donna S

Vince, the technician, was very polite and timely. Took his time to answer any and all questions we had. Also made sure we completely understood the service he provided. Great guy working for a great company. Excellent experience.

Kristopher L

My new ac system shutdown within the first few days of using it this spring. I called Classic Aire Care and they were able to send a technician out within 24 hours. He discovered the problem within minutes! A small piece a debris blocking a drain…

Terri K

We were out of town and came home to an AC that wasn't blowing. Christian got here within 4 hours of my initial contact and got us back up & cooling over July 4th weekend. He found some other issues but got my unit running so…

Stacy D